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Thanks for making such a "cool" product. (Pun intended). This is the second vest I've ordered in the last two weeks. The first one was a tad snug so I gave it too a close friend who is slightly smaller than I. The XXX should fit me just fine.
I have several friends who use your vest and they all just love them.
I am pleased to purchase such high quality products from an American Company using American workers. It does my heart (and wallet) good.
David Mathes,
Owner Precision Diesel
Huntington Beach Ca.
est. 1982
Dear Colorado Coolwear-
I’ve been using my Coolvest and neck wrap for about a month and am very happy with them! Most of my miles are from commuting, and I really appreciate the cooling I get riding home under the scorching central Texas sun, especially when I’m in stop-and-go. It’s also great for running errands, quick stops at the store, etc. on the bike. I used to get drenched with sweat doing this stuff even with my mesh jacket, but not anymore! The crystals retain their cooling ability so well I find I typically can skip a day before re-wetting them.

I also love the freedom of being able to run errands or go on pleasure rides any time of the day. Prior to getting my Coolvest and neck wrap, it just wasn’t worth it to ride after noon down here during the summer – and I grew up in Pueblo, Colorado so I know what hot is! Thanks for these great, American made, reasonably priced products!

Austin, TX

Shirley, Used the vest yesterday on my Harley Road King from Palmdale, CA. to Ridgecrest, CA.(home). It was 110 deg and 30% humidity. The vest worked awesome. I was impressed. It kept me comfortable and I was not over heated. I will recommend this vest to all my rider friend. Cheers to you and yours. Thank you again for the quick delivery.

Just got back from a 3090 mile trip to NC. On several days I rode in full sun with temps at 97-99 with relative humidity in the low 60s. I am here to tell you your vest and neck wrap worked and worked well. I was surprised at how comfortable I felt in that weather.
Great product.
Bill B.

From: E, Johnny H. [email and last name withheld]
Subject: RE: Vest Order
To: "" []

Thanks for a great product and service to match.

From: Zippo
Subject: CoolVest

Hi Bill,

I ordered a couple of your CoolVests (one each for myself and my wife) just before our vacation on our bike about a month ago. I wanted to let you know that they performed superbly and we were very glad to have them with us. I thank you again for processing our order so quickly and thanks again for such a great product. I've mentioned your product a couple of times on my blog and it seems that a couple of friends from Florida have also decided to order your product.
Thanks again!

Kevin "Zippo"
See his BLOG Here

From: Peter Maddox
Subject: BMW Aussie Wanderer
To: "Bill Evans"

Dear Bill and Shirley,
I have been traveling from South America to Alaska on a motorbike for now on 18 months. I saw your Colorado Cool Vests at a bike rally in Colorado. Coming through so many different climates it is easier to keep warm and wear my protective jacket then it is to stay cool with all the similar clothes on. I have tried your vest here in the States and I love it.

It is a simple, well made vest, I just soak it in water, wring it out and it keeps my body temperature a lot lower and I can still wear my riding gear all day long. In Arkansas it was in the 90 degree range, humidity was very high all day long, but with this vest on it kept me cool and also kept me alert and not sleepy from the heat. When I travel long distances I need things to be practical, work well and a reasonable price, it must be made good and work for what it was made for. This vest is compact, easy to wear under my jacket and it DOES work.

Thank you for making my journey a little bit more comfortable.
It's a great vest and I love wearing it.

Peter Maddox
From Tasmania to where-ever the road takes me.

Subject: RE: Gray vest
Hey Shirley,
Thank you Colorado Coolwear! Your vest certainly performs as "billed".

Living in the desert of Southern AZ it's always been difficult to ride in the summer time. A couple of weeks ago I believe we gave two of your vests the supreme test...10 hours of riding in 100 plus weather with the last 5 hrs at temps between 105 and 110. While other riders were wilting on the side of the road my friend from Germany and I kept up the pace and never missed a beat.
Bobby J. Tucson, AZ


I have talked to you several times about your cooling vests. We ordered and then returned and ordered a larger size for us. I wanted them for a ride that we were doing today, 18 July 2009. We received them on 16 July 2009. We left the house about 8:30 AM and returned at 3:30 PM. We were off our bikes for one and a half hours from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM. I left my vest and jacket on the seat of my bike in 95 degree heat. On the ride home it was still cooling me under my mesh and armored jacket. I was truly amazed at the way it performed. I believe if I had re-wetted it, it would have been even better. I read all of your information and listened to all of your discussion about the cooling vest, but was still somewhat skeptical about the potential performance and ability of the vest to cooling under extreme conditions. Most everyone else riding with shirtsleeves and no protection.

Thanks for making a great product. I am a believer now.

Al T.

Thanks for a great product! We used the vest on the way back from Utah in Nevada and Idaho and it worked great. It was well over 105 on the way back. We put the vests on and it was kind of strange. We didn’t feel cold or clammy and we didn’t feel hot. Kind of neutral. Lasted for 6+ hours.
Medford, OR.

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