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Frequently Asked Questions
We have started to put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions so that our customers have a quick access to answers instead of having to call us.
Here are the questions, in no uncertain order.

Q) How do I clean a dirty Coolvest?
A) For spot cleaning, you should use a damp rag to clean the area. If you need more, use a mild soap and water.
    If you are needing to clean the entire vest, you can put it in a sink of water and rinse it around.

Q) I have overcharged my vest. Now, there are crystals coming out of the material. What do I do?
A) This depends on how many of the crystals came through the vest and whether or not the stitching was broken. IFthe stitching is still intact and there were not alot of crystals that made it through the material, this will be OK. You should let the vest dry completely and brush the crystals off of the outside of the vest. However, if there are alot of the crystals on the outside of the vest, the vest may be damaged beyond its effective use.

Q) I have overcharged my vest and there are ALOT of crystals outside of the material. Can I get a replacement?
A) This is handled on a situation by situation basis. We have, unfortunately, had to suspend our 100% replacement guarantee because of abuse. Now, we will evaluate the situation and determine whether or not we can replace your vest at no charge.

You can also send us your questions, comments, or testamonials to Shirley's Email