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cool wear coolvest cool vest cooling vest coolwrap
   Here's a little item we first saw when we lived in England. A lot of the European riders don't like carrying their expensive jackets, riding pants and helmets around with them when they get to a Rally. Instead, they prefer to lock their gear to the bike.

Colorado Coolwear's gear cables are made of aircraft quality stainless cable, sheathed in  colorful plastic to protect the bike and riding gear. Each end is clamped  in a swaged aluminum clamp that provides an eyelet for a padlock (user supplied, makes it safer that way!). Simply pass the cable through the sleeve of your jacket, a leg of your trousers, and the chinbar of that high-dollar helmet.

 Run the cable around a seat rail, bag mount, rack, or, like the European guys do, through a front wheel. Slap a padlock through the eyelets and you're good to go. Your stuff will still be there when you get back.
Price: $9.50 plus $2.00 shipping